The Cast


J. M Barrie

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Captain Hook 


Neverland Native/Wendy Darling's Husband


Mermaid/Wendy's Darling Shadow 


Peter Pan 

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Peter Pan's Shadow

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Chief of the Neverland Natives/ Margaret Barrie


J.M Barrie’s Shadow

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Wendy Darling 


Jane/Wendy Darling's Shadow


Tinkerbell/Mary Ansell Barrie


The Creative Team



Rachel Garnet


A graduate of Vancouver Film School's Writing For Film and Television program, Rachel has been working in the arts since she was nine years old. Produced works include The God Machine (Web series), Shadows on the Hill (Musical), and the Virginia production of shadowplay, (then known as Flight). Rachel is also an accomplished performer and director, and recently completed her Royal Academy of Dance Intermediate Exam, with which she passed with Merit.  Rachel's New York City debut as a playwright will be this October at FringeNYC with the world premiere of her Romeo and Juliet re-imagining Starcrossed.

Kayleigh Shuler 


Kayleigh Shuler is truly honored and thrilled to be making her producing debut with shadowplay. Kayleigh met writer/director Rachel Garnet two years ago, and has always admired Rachel’s impressive and wildly imaginative writing. Kayleigh lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend, Noah, who she thanks for all of his support. Thank you to our awesome team, and of course Rachel for bringing her along on this journey through Neverland and the mind of JM Barrie. Kayleigh enjoys acting and being outdoors when she is not busy producing!



Dale Shrader 

Executive Producer 

Has been a performer, producer, and lover of theater and performing for many years. Favorite productions include Magical Adventures of Merlin, Yeston and Kopit's Phantom, Shennandoah, and The Sound of Music. Dale is the Chairman of the Board of Ticking Clock Theatre, he is also an accomplished musician playing six instruments and having written over thirty songs. Dale is excited to be bringing shadowplay from its roots in Virginia, to its New York City premiere. 

Andie Lerner

Assistant Director

Andie Lerner is a New York based actor, director and theater collaborator originally from Denver, Colorado. She is currently on staff at Three Legged Dog Media and Theater group helping to facilitate in house and resident productions. She is a recent graduate from Marymount Manhattan College with a BFA in Acting and Directing with a minor in Arts for Communities. She is interested in investigating storytelling as a whole: who tells the stories? To whom are they told? And why do we keep telling them? Through devised, collaborative, experimental theater and film she hopes to spend the rest of her life looking for these answers. She is currently working with Project: Human Better on their inaugural production of The Ladies Room which will be presented at the People’s Improv Theater in December.


Hannah Shrader

Production Stage Manager

Hannah is excited to bring her years of theater and film experience to the world of J.M Barrie. Theater Credits: Stage Managing for Boston University's BU on Broadway, Technician at the Riverside Center for Performing Arts, Props on the national tour of Paw Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue. Film/Television: Blacklist,  The Predator, Ice, Sweet Virginia, Juggernaut.