Auditions Announced for “shadowplay” a New Immersive Experience.

Audition announcement for “shadowplay” the new immersive experience that throws you into the imagination of J.M Barrie. Venture to Neverland and beyond to meet the characters you have always loved, and the haunting realities that inspired them. 

Audition Dates: 
Open Call  
Tuesday June 12th  2018,  10:30am-2:00pm
Sign in begins at 10:00am 

Wednesday June 13th

Audition Location
Ripley Grier Studios
 520 8th avenue 16th floor (rooms M & N)

Performance Location
Access Theater
380 Broadway New York, New York 


Rachel Garnet Creator/Director
Kayleigh Shuler Producer 

Important Dates
Rehearsals Begin:  November 12th 2018
First Preview: November 23rd, 2018
Performance November 28th- December 16th 2018

Other Information 

Please bring headshot and resume. Please prepare two short monologues (comedic and dramatic), and be prepared for improv and movement. 

“shadowplay” is a multi-room immersive experience, that features multiple narratives running at once. Performers should be comfortable with improv and adding their own flare to these famous and beloved characters. 

All ethnicities highly encouraged to audition for all roles.


Character Breakdown

James Mathew Barrie – (30s)
    Scottish (Edinburgh). The creative mind who dreamed up the world of Peter Pan, James is a man haunted by his past but carries with him an unstoppable hope that the world can be beautiful. 

Peter Pan -(18+  childlike in demeanor and stature) 
    British. The beloved character  who never grows up,  Peter is curious, clever, and extremely conceited .   Must move well. Acrobatic skills a plus. 

Wendy Darling- (18+) 
    British. The loving and kind young girl who wants to make everyone happy. Unlike Peter, Wendy has the urge to grow up but is afraid of leaving Peter behind. 

Peter’s Shadow- (18+ Child like in demeanor and stature)
Peter's comical and mime like shadow that is always close by. Also serves as Peter’s understudy. 

James’ Shadow- (Small in stature)  
James’ small mysterious shadow. 

Wendy’s Shadow- 
    Wendy’s distant but ever  looming reminder that she must grow up. Doubles as Margaret Barrie. 

Captain Hook- (Mid to Late 30s)
British. The human embodiment of all the darkness inside James  Captain Hook has but one goal, and it is to remind James that he is utterly worthless. Also doubles as a Neverland character. 

Mary Ansall Barrie - ( Mid 20s- early 30s)
    British. Inside his own head, James’ wife represents his fear of intimacy. She  wants to change him into a sexual being but he resists her at all fronts.  Also doubles as a Neverland character. 

Margaret Barrie - (30-40)
    Scottish. James’ mother is in denial. At all turns she sees her departed son David, projecting his identity onto other people. There is nothing more she loves in this world than her son David.  Also doubles as a Neverland character. 

Wendy’s Husband (20s- Early 30s)
    He is an honest soul, with eyes only for Wendy. His only goal is to love her and care for her, and ensure her a very happy life. Doubles as a Neverland character. Also serves as James’ Understudy. 

Jane (18+ childlike)
    Wendy’s daughter playful and imaginative daughter. Also doubles as a Neverland characters. Also  serves as Wendy’s understudy. 

Neverland Characters: 

Fairies: The mythical winged friends of Peter Pan. Aerial silks or hoops experience required. 

Mermaids: The curious, carnivorous, and mischievous water dwelling creatures. They love to impress their guests with their sleight of hands and riddles. Contact juggling or sleight of hand skills required. 

Neverland Natives: The founders of the mythical island who love to share their story of its founding with any who care to listen. 


Rachel Garnet