Inside the Study of J.M. Barrie

shadowplay is a multi-room fully immersive experience, making its home at Access Theater in TriBeCa. Here you will find Neverland, Kensington Garden, and the home of J.M Barrie all waiting to be explored. 

Running approximately 90 minutes with no intermission, audience members are advised to be prepared to walk, and stand for extended periods.

While stairs are not a part of the performance itself, Access Theater is located on the 4th Floor of 380 Broadway. Our elevator is key operated, so if use of the elevator is required, please let staff know before hand so we can happily arrange the accommodation for you. 

There is absolutely no late entry into the performance. 


shadowplay does not have a strict minimum age requirement for audience members, but please be advised the show contains mature themes, and suggestive situations. We advise taking the same precautions one might when choosing to attend a PG-13 film. All audience members under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Though there are a few instances of provided beverages and light foods throughout the show, outside food and beverage is prohibited. 

We are pleased to provide a free coat and bag check, so that you will not have to be over encumbered during the fast paced performance. 

Late admittance is not permitted to the show. Should an audience member have a need to leave the show early, all they need to do is stand still, raise one hand, and a member of the shadowplay staff will assist you out.  Unfortunately re-entry is not possible. 

Audio or visual recording is strictly prohibited. 

For any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us