You are cordially invited...

Under the counseling of West End producer Charles Frohman, James Matthew Barrie has cordially invited you to his home and private study. Seeking assistance on a new work for the stage,  James introduces you to the newly dreamed up character of Peter Pan and his magnificent home of Neverland. Yet James' beautiful imagination is too much for him to control, and soon the merry world of pleasant adventures begins to collide with the doubts, fears, and horrible tragedies that follow James wherever he goes. 


The History

James Matthew Barrie was born in Scotland in 1860, as one of ten children. James was in his era, and still today continues to be, one of the most beloved authors of all time. Publishing his first book in 1886, Barrie's most beloved character first graced the stage of London in December 1904, and was an immediate success. In a sense, Barrie himself was the boy who never grew up, not just because of his small stature, standing just below 5' 4", but also his love of wild fantasies that he often used as escapes from the trials of real life. From an interrupted childhood, to a scandalized divorce, and the loss of countless loved ones, it was once said by fellow author D.H. Lawrence that "J.M. Barrie has a fatal touch for those he loves.". Yet among the tragedy rose an iconic figure who continues to bring joy, mischief, and countless adventures to those around the world. 


The Fantasy

Based on the life, writings, and creations of Sir. James Matthew Barrie, shadowplay sets out to celebrate the whimsical worlds he is known for creating, while also exploring the dark and complicated life that made him into the man he was. 

Featuring his fantastical characters such as Peter Pan, Wendy, and Captain Hook, shadowplay also introduces audiences to the players of his reality from his estranged  wife Mary Ansell Barrie, to his grief stricken mother, to the boy who never forgave him, Peter Llewelyn Davies. shadowplay encourages you to follow and befriend the figures around you so that you might escape James' vast imagination, knowing perhaps a bit more about the famous author than you had. Which path will you choose?